Be Included

Submissions and contributions are more than welcome to WisdomTooth and can be sent here. If you feel your work suits WisdomTooth feel free to contact, but please keep the following in mind:

  • To pitch an idea for WisdomTooth, email with a paragraph or two explaining what you want to talk about, how you’ll do this (essay, photo diary; comic et cetra) and why you are interested in this topic.
  • If it’s an essay please keep in mind that it should preferably be under 900 words.
  • If you intend to send in photos please include a link to your flickr, blog/website, behance; Pinterest (MUST be your photos) et cetra so there’s a general idea of your work. It should be over five photos but under fifteen.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t have any of those profiles feel free to either attach your pictures or, if you’re yet to capture them, give a quick rundown on what it will be of/where you’ll take them/the meaning behind them. It still should be between five and fifteen pictures. (Exceptions will be permitted).
  • If you want your music to be featured on the blog include a link to your streaming site(s) such as SoundCloud, Youtube; Spotify et cetra.
  • For other things such as illustrations, poetry; comics and videos include a link to any relevant website or attach a document that you feel is necessary – including the creation you may have already made.


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