“Sometimes Solitude Can Be Exactly What You Need”: An Interview with Mint Trip


Tucked away in the folds of Miami hide Mint Trip, a three-piece band who’s members Amy, Brian and Max are bent on pushing musical boundaries. Influenced by indie, electro and a wide variation of musicians (Grimes, Frank Ocean or Purity Ring anyone?), their plan for global domination – dubbed Mint Trip Global Takeover 2016 Edition – doesn’t seem far off the mark.

Their latest, Virga, was penned after front-woman Amy took a moment to pause and observe a virga, which is a beautiful type of cloud that only forms under a larger cloud during a rainstorm. As well as a dedication to her younger brother, a friend who had to move away and the weather, it’s a song very much for all those who happen to listen, which you can do right now:

As 2016 emerged from the grasp of 2015, I caught a moment with the trio and learnt the importance of time alone, constantly bettering yourself and surviving early adulthood. Read on:

Why are you called Mint Trip?

We chose “Mint” because it evokes numerous senses: Mint is a colour, a flavour, and a smell – we want to make it a sound. The “Trip” comes in from our overarching goal of traveling the world with our music. The “Mint Trip” is the international tour that the three of us are all working towards.

How did the three of you meet?

We were all students of the Frost School of Music from the University of Miami.

What inspired you to start making music as a band?

We came together over a mutual love of both electronic and acoustic music. We each come from different artistic influences, and we want our music to push the boundaries of popular music.

In Virga’s acoustic video, you are all strumming gently on guitars and singing on a grass hill, like lovely Bohemians or something. When did you discover you could sing/play instruments?

We’ve been playing instruments and singing since childhood, long before we discovered electrons. The purpose of that video was to show the world that we’re not only electron benders, but also songwriters with strong musical backgrounds.

You’ve reinforced that image by doing accoustic and electro gigs – what is your favourite thing about performing live?

Brian: Shakin’ my ass.

Max/Amy: We learn more about how to be better artists every time we step on stage. Performing live helps us understand how to manifest our music in the studio.

Who doesn’t like a good booty shake? Moving on, which other bands and musicians inspire you guys?

Amy: Grimes, Chairlift, & GEMS

Max: Lemuria, Hundred Waters, & Purity Ring

Brian: Flume, Banks, & Frank Ocean

What good music taste! Who do you target your music towards, and why do you want to relate to this audience?

We write music about ourselves, for ourselves, and hope that others can relate to our story. Our largest audience is people like us – finding their way through early adulthood.

What is Virga about?

Amy: The song is about finding peace in loneliness. I started writing [the song] when I noticed a little cloud floating around by itself in the sky one day. My first thought was, “aw it’s all by itself, that’s so sad” – then I thought that that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes solitude can be exactly what you need.

Eventually, I realized that I was also writing the song about my little brother who is currently going through a difficult transition in life. He’s interested in meteorology, and virga – his favourite type of cloud – can only form underneath a rain cloud.

It is ok to feel alone, and when you accept that you may start to realize that you never really were alone in the first place.

How did Virga come around?

Amy: The vocal part came to me while I was travelling in Arizona, amazed at the natural scenery. The actual song came together when Max was jamming on guitar, and I thought that the lyrics and melody I had created earlier would fit well. We moved forward from there and are proud to share “Virga” with the world.

Another one of yours, Take, is also very electro-calm. What music do you see yourself making next?

For this upcoming EP, we went in a dream pop, electro vibes direction. For our next release, we will have a full length concept album with similar aesthetic influences, but darker undertones.     

Now that the New Year has come around, what are your aims for 2016?

Mint Trip Global Takeover 2016 Edition:

  1. Move to LA

  2. Release first EP

  3. Make music videos

  4. Finish first LP

  5. Tour

 Wish you all the best on that! ℘


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