Gr8 Eight: Lauren Gayle

lauren_gayle via

collage by Sharon, using an image by Aleks Algarra 

Over the course of the summer, Miami singer-songwriter Lauren Gayle penned and recorded the mellow Talk to Me, an angelic tune with a heartfelt neo-soul type feel to it. With a heavy focus on vocals and lyrics, her first record (her previous SoundCloud releases have all been covers) seems to be a pretty amazing forecast of what’s ahead.

Listen to Talk to Me and let its soulful sweetness talk to you (your heart will go whoa):

The lovely Lauren contributed to our Gr8 Eight series by telling us about the eight best things in her universe, and why they’re so fab:

1. Animals

Maybe this is obvious, but who doesn’t love animals? I have a blanket hanging on my wall with my dogs face embroidered on it. My fluffy 20 lb. cat is currently in my lap. Actually, he’s the one typing this.

2. Ariel, The Little Mermaid

As a red-head, I was pretty convinced that Ariel was my true grandmother or some sort of distant cousin. All red-heads are related. I’m 2% mermaid.

3. Paris

I’ve only been once, but it’s such a romantic city. My favorite day was the day my family and I got lost and ended up at a cheese farm, miming in order to get some brie into our bellies.

4. Lianne La Havas

This woman is AMAZING. She is one of my top musical inspirations. Her first album was killer, and her second album was equally as killer, and that is so rare. She’s awesome.

5. Grandma Gloria

My Grandma, Gloria, is pretty much the most glorious lady ever. We went to Europe together, and ever since, we talk at least twice a week! She also wrote a book about Women Doctors in the Gilded Age and she’s a total advocate for women overall. Role model.

6. Banana Smoothies

Long story short, I have lots of stomach problems, so I eat paleo (no dairy, grains, processed foods). BUT we can still eat killer food. My daily smoothie consists of one frozen banana, almond milk, vanilla extract, and a dash of stevia. Add some other fruit or protein too! It’s killer.

7. Vanessa

Vanessa is my car (2001 Honda Odyssey) that unfortunately couldn’t come down to Florida with me. However, she carried me through high school and she’s very loved. She’s about 5,000 pounds, but she’s on Weight Watchers now!

8. Family/friends

I know this one is a bit corny and overused, but I have such a super supportive group of people in my life, and they totally deserve a shoutout. ❤



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