rock. paper. scissors.

Let’s Get Spoopy!


The definition of the word spoopy is something that is partially funny and partially spooky – and these YouTube videos are definitely that. These horror comedies give me that strange discomfort and awkward chuckle we do when something is so weird that you have no idea how to react. What I’m saying is: They are practically the chremamorphism* of me.

Leave films like The Shining,The Babadook and every Alfred Hitchcock film ever for a night that is actually day time or else you’ll pee your pants and have nightmares and see shadows as Freddy Krueger. Instead! delve your way into some spoopy mini-series on YouTube, and enjoy your Halloween safely, at home, where Leatherface can’t get you.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

I was first recommended this channel by a friend who said he reckoned I’d like its, quote unquote, “freaky weirdness”.

And boy does this musical/horror/comical/children-esque video series have a lot of freaky weirdness! The Sesame Street style of this series is so spoopy I’ve mentioned it before, referring to it as “strange (strange strange) things”. Seriously, though: respect people’s personal space.

going to the store

If you thought nothing that weird could happen in 48 seconds, think again. This video is set in a seemingly normal Suburban town, but it stars a man(??) you wouldn’t want to see moving towards you 3am at night in a narrow alleyway. Possibly scarier than Hannibal Lecter. No joke.

Teddy Has An Operation

Teddy Has An Operation is kinda creepy, kinda cute, and all cringey. Exploring through teddy’s layers is ok for a while with the gentle piano playing and the calming doctor’s voice tinged with a European accent (Dutch? Swedish? Flemish?) but… until… well… I’ll let you see for yourself.

Salad Fingers

Salad Fingers is spoopy for too many reasons, and all of them to do with the too many feelings you get. You can go from funny to freaked out to silent to scared to temporarily insane to full circle/any alternative route you choose. 

*this is the opposite of “personification”!


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