Welcome To The Internet

welcome-to-the-internet via

image by Sharon


Welcome to the cyber community that is the entire internet

Where feminism and queerness is welcomed with open arms

But where chivalry is just misogyny in disguise.

Where feminism now means female dominance

Where self importance depends of the number of likes on a Selfie

Where beauty comes in a quote and photo of Miss Marilyn Monroe.


Welcome to the hundreds of others,

Searching for that one thing that is so hard to find in the harsh reality that is society,

To be welcomed

Welcomed with the door open and a warm blanket ready

After the rain was a bit too harsh, and a bit too cold

Welcomed with a big smile and the punch line of your jokes,

After others laughed at you and not with you

We will welcome you,

after everyone else turned you away

Welcome to the family

The family of thousands

where everyone knows and everyone understands

Where everyone cares enough to ask,

“are you okay?”

We are not afraid to call you out

To ask for help

Or to offer it

So welcome,

to the best and the worst place you could ever find yourself



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