Mountains, Moons and Moodoïd

Being in love isn’t easy. Being a human isn’t easy. But being a mountain? That’s when the struggles gets real. There are, un(?)fortunately, too many songs about the former two, and not enough melodies to advice those aiming to become the next Everest in their next life, that my fellow mount-wannabes may always feel left out. Luckily for all those who see being mountains in their range (HA!HA!) of sight, dreamy psychedelic rock band Moodoïd have declared that they are, in fact, the mountain:

It includes a human/mountain hybrid, a human/mystical-goat-thing hybrid and, of course, humans covered in gold body glitter. Gold body glitter, guys. All that glitter’s isn’t gold, did you say?

Je Suis La Montagne, French for I Am The Mountain, wasn’t actually the first Moodoïd song I heard. It was the video for La Lune (catch it below) and its weird Ahhhh-ing that hooked me on to them. What are these weird drools of illustrations, accompanied by eerie utopian voices only real-life pixies could gift humans, blasting through the one working ear of my earphones? I wondered to myself. That was when I realised I’d somehow stumbled upon the weird indie French side of YouTube and, like the prodigious son, I was just glad to be home.

Moodoïd have existed for two years as to date, and is spearheaded by Pablo Padovani (ugh even his name is cool); with Maud on guitar, Clémence on bass and, not one, but two Lucies – one on the keyboard and the other on the drums. They have raked in some pretty awesome fans – including Ken Parker of Tame Impala (eg one of THE BEST indie bands of the entire universe – literally, I love them) to, of course, moi. The Parisian psycho-pop band has made me psycho for them, hypnotising me with their painted on masks of glitter and pastel shades; their bizarre art direction and, of course, their music.

With no further ado, I present the hallucinatory tunes of the band Moodoïd.

La Lune

This is the video of that first introduced me to Moodoïd. I’ll admit, it was a bit strange, albeit a bit otherworldly, (geddit? It’s called The Moon? And the moon is out of this world? No? Okay *walk of shame*). I mean, I’ve seen some strange (strange, strange) things . But swimming sushi? Weird naked people lying on top of factory produce? Octopuses and kites flying in perfect swirly harmony? Pizza transforming into a maze complex that turns out to be in a brain, possibly connoting that pizza is the only thing deserving to be on human minds which is actually a very logical conclusion? What’s not to love?

Heavy Metal Be Bop 2

Seduced by a sparkly pink blazer wearing Pablo in an underground club that has a big/beautiful black mermaid; genies (this is a running theme, as you are soon to discover) and dancing camels, a lady whose blond hair is half cornrows and half natural/kinky welcomes us into the chromatic universe that may just be the world of pure imagination Willy Wonka sings of.

In a way, it strangely reminds me of David Bowie’s The Next Daystarring Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman, which is weird as it’s practically the stark opposite. Maybe it’s the strangeness of both the nightclubs or the blue lighting on Pablo’s face that is very circa-Bowie.

P.S., I have no idea where Heavy Metal Be Bop 1 went, but if it could be returned to my home address that would be great.

Les Chemins de Traverse

The apparent follow-up of Heavy Metal Be Bop 2, four fifths of Moodoïd act as aliens who are the ultimate #nailgoals before… well, a hella lot of stuff happens after that.

Les Chemins de Traverse (The Byways) shoves you down a rabbit hole with weird blue sonic light boom things and weird mazes and weird cats and just overall weird. WHICH IS OK W/ ME.

Where else would you be pushed into massive moon craters to see Pablo’s genie(!) eyes that blink in time to the music slash handshakes that turn your hands into cabbage slash hats that have tiny versions of you wearing hats with tiny versions of you wearing hats with tiny versions of you with hats… (you get the jist).

WHERE?? TELL ME & I (might) GO!

De Folie Pure

Is it part three? Or is it just a vid featuring phosphorescent snakes and cocktail umbrellas in a baguette and the genie is back but in a more Arabian, Pagan Min-esque art direction? What is happening in this video? What are they doing? What is this? What is fate? What is life? WHAT IS LIFE??

De Folie Pure means pure foolishness and I want to run in and (*envision the voice of 3year olds on CBeebies*) join the fun yaaaaay! *jumps around pointlessly*

Yes & You

How many of your favourite artists have written bomb bangers in another language? Moodoïd have pretty much outdone themselves by writing a beautiful ballad that happens to be in unbroken English, tinted only slightly by Pablo’s lovely Parisian accent. Their first foreign-tongue tune is featured in their début album Le Monde Möö (what a wicked name for a Kevin Parker-produced album) and goes to show how great it can be to hear songs in numerous languages, even your own.

Oh Moodoïd. You understand me & I understand you. Yes do you know I think about you? Because it’s true (if you didn’t sing-think that in Pablo’s voice then I suggest you replay this song until you do).

Are there even words for Moodoïd? Are there even words? There aren’t even words. No words.

Au revoir! You’ll come back for French Artist N°2, won’t you? (Grabs your head and forces you to nod).

P.S. Thanks Moodoïd and Disques Enterprise (their label) for loving this!


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